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Goshen College Art Department
Merrill Krabill--Faculty Home Page
The Liberal Arts College in Goshen, Indiana where Krabill is a professor

Paul Soldner
An exceptional artist, of course. Krabill's mentor and an immeasureable artistic influence. His passing in January of 2011 marks a loss for the ceramics world.

LiveArt Tokyo
Maya Nishi's blog from Tokyo
An wonderful window into pieces of Japanese culture and art for English speakers.
Nishi curates exhibits for Japanese and American venues and imports ceramics equipment and supplies at Hus-10 Inc. Nishi is a former student of Krabill's who has gone on to bring new ideas to the world of ceramics in Japan and the United States.

Togei no mori (Shigaraki Ceramics Cultural Park)
One of Japan's impressive ceramics institutions, including a very fine artist-in-residency program. Merrill Krabill was an resident artist there in the summer of 2005.