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genetics test w/ baby

title: Normal Curve I--with the ocean

The combination of the normal curve and images from the natural world brings up interesting ideas for me. In many ways natural phenomena can be predicted by that kind of statistical perspective, of course. But I do think the combination in images shows the ways that perspective can be misused to shape our thinking in ways that distort our perception.

That idea of what the normal means continues to probe at me. It is still in my art sometimes. It certainly is a constant piece of being a parent for each of my children.

Comparing similar information and experiences in a general way and specific physiological data statistically are valuable tools, but that information is often used as a some kind of measure of a child’s success. I do that too–Emily walked at 18 months, something a friend who is a physical therapist had not seen in the 5 years she had been working with Down syndrome children. That makes me proud of her. Pride is a good thing, but the flip side is that another child is walking later than any other child the same therapist has seen and that child is trying just as hard and worth every bit as much as anybody.

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