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'ideal' baby

title: Wheat II

This is another image where the natural world is changing to fit the model of what normal should be like. It is worth saying that I see good uses for statistical thinking and am not critiquing the tool itself. I just hope we see it as one way of thinking that works well in some contexts and poorly in others.

Emily will be seen by people who do not know her as different. There was a time when I was self-conscious about what people were thinking about her and me and us when I would take her to Krogers to go shopping.

One change is that time in itself makes experiences ordinary in our lives. There will be times in Emily's life when difference will be painful, but usually going to the grocery store is just going to the grocery store.

I think, before I knew Emily, one of the sources of discomfort in interacting with people who I saw as different was a kind of oversensitivity, worrying about offending. Its probably worth knowing that life feels pretty ordinairy to Emily.

A bigger change in my thinking is the revelation what differences can mean.

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