Inquiry Into Gifts: fixing Emily

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'ideal' baby

title: Emily Corrected I

This, of course, deals with trying to shape your child to conform to expectations that come from unreliable models. The kinds of things that have been fixed are traits typical of children with Down syndrome, but the same process happens with all of our children. I hope it is clear that the hybrid, the 'fixed, Emily is way below Emily as she is already.

In a less structured way, comparing your child or yourself with the performance of others never ends. I think in much of my life, in some things people measure, I’ve found myself on the side of the bell curve where people want to be.

For most of Emily’s life, again, for things people measure, she will be on the side people don’t usually choose. Of course, what people choose to measure is the key. I have been fortunate that not many people have their dancing ability put on a graph and Emily’s scores would soar if cuteness and love were considered.

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