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normal curve

title: Normal Curve IV

This image works with a drive for excellence from a perspective that would have felt (and probably still feels) quite familiar to me. It is easy to live surrounded by an environment that sees anything of real significance happening in the elite section of whatever you care to consider.

Used inappropriately comparisons can simplify a situation in a way that distorts it. Much of the process of perception, of making sense of the experience of life, is finding order. That need is strong enough that I think we are sometimes tempted to see a system as less complex than it is.

IQ does not measure the contribution an individual can make to her world, not even the potential for that contribution.

I’ve worked closely with friends who teach Psychology and they would not argue with anything I’m saying here. The problem is that I don’t believe it, or at least I don’t act as if it is true. Emily is learning so much—other children often learn faster. My sense of how Emily is doing can vary tremendously from one moment to another, depending on how I set my thinking.

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