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title: Book of Job--series II(b)

This image came out of a set of images I did to accompany a series of sermons Eric Masannari did on the biblical book of Job. Emily's image here is not connected with Down syndrome, just connected with childhood. The thoughts for me are related to the ideas in the image notes for page 12. I really appreciate Eric's thinking and love the way images and writing work together. The images and sermon are presented in an online publication called Mennonite Life. Answer Me: Reflections on the Book of Job.

Some of the richest parts of my life, personally and professionally, have been these gifts that come from unexpected quarters.

In the time I was putting together the prints about Emily's birth, I had an idea that a different artform moving in a similar direction would add depth to the experience. Jeff Gundy, Jean Janzen, and Raylene Hinz-Penner were each generous in choosing from their poems ones that looked at kindred thoughts.

Now I cannot imagine these images without those poems.

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2-three chromosomes
3-Emily's birth
7-fixing Emily
10-hope and fear
11-story about evil
12-story continued
17-unexpected grace
18-indigo bunting
19-god's work
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